The Fleetio Story

After talking with tons of businesses that use vehicles as part of daily operations, we realized many weren't doing much to manage their mission-critical assets.

Some were using spreadsheets but that was painful for even basic fleet management. Most companies didn't manage their fleet at all and hoped their vehicles would work each day and drivers would take care of them.

They all knew this was a bad approach to managing their very expensive assets, but they couldn't find anything affordable that suited their needs.

With the help of some motivated early-adopter customers, we started building Fleetio in the summer of 2011.

Our goal is to help people and businesses to become better vehicle owners.

Fleetio will continue to evolve with time, but the core values will stay the same:

  • It must be easy to use.
  • It must be collaborative.
  • It must go to where the users are.
  • It must be a repository for everything vehicle-related.
  • It must help companies make better vehicle investments.
Fleetio is made by RareStep, a software company based in Birmingham, AL focused on creating remarkably useful web-based software.
Tony Summerville Founder & CEO

Tony is a passionate software entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience in technology. He's worked at large and small companies, developed and launched products from scratch, and held strategic management roles before starting his own company.

Paul Dillard

Paul is a co-founder of JP Transportation Safety Consulting (JPTSC), a top provider of consulting services in the motor carrier industry. He is an expert in a variety of transportation areas including vehicle safety & compliance, quality management, defensive driving, accident investigation, commercial motor vehicle operations, inspections and maintenance.