Can I use Fleetio for personal vehicles?

Absolutely! Anyone looking for a good way to track their car/truck/ATV/boat/etc. are more than welcome to use Fleetio for their personal assets.

Does Fleetio work for equipment as well?

Fleetio is flexible enough to work for any asset that you would like to keep up with. You can set up preventative maintenance schedules in addition to logging services and expenses. Be sure to set equipment tracking units to "hours" so you can have an accurate usage history.

Can I use Fleetio outside the U.S.?

Yep, folks all over the world use it today. Fleetio has several handy settings that make it easy to use no matter where you are:

  • Time zone settings per user
  • Currency settings(most major currencies are supported)
  • Date format settings (e.g. month/day/year versus day/month/year)
  • Time format settings (12-hour versus 24-hour)

Check out our Help Center for simple instructions on how to change these settings.

Which browsers does Fleetio support?

We support Internet Explorer 8 and higher, Firefox 15 and higher, Safari 5 and higher, Chrome 22 and higher. Fleetio Mobile works on most major smartphone devices.

Is there a mobile app for Fleetio?

Fleetio Mobile is now available and streamlines data entry on any internet-connected device. You can access this through a web browser automatically by going to We have plans to eventually make a native app available, but our initial offering is designed to allow for easy "touch" navigation on any major mobile device.

How many customers are using Fleetio? It's a new product, right?

Fleetio launched in 2011 and has grown quickly ever since. As of January 2014, over 14,000 people use Fleetio to manage around 30,000 vehicles.

Thousands of businesses and organizations use Fleetio each day to manage their fleet. Over 80,000 maintenance and service entries have been logged, and Fleetio is responsible helping users stay on top of more than 20,000 preventative maintenance tasks. We also have paying customers over 20 different countries.

How often do you release updates?

Constantly. We release small tweaks and bug fixes daily and we blog about our larger updates which come out every week or two.

The best part? We handle all the Fleetio updates, hosting and other IT headaches for you. All you have to do is use it, preferably with a smile :)

We even make it easy to keep up with changes with email updates, @fleetio tweets and blog posts.

Vehicles and equipment

Can I track usage in kilometers or engine hours?

Yes! You can track usage in miles, kilometers or hours. The usage "type" can be set for each vehicle or piece of equipment.

Do we have to buy any hardware to use Fleetio?

Nope, Fleetio works without the need for any in-vehicle tracking devices so there's no upfront costs to start using it for your fleet.

We designed Fleetio to be lightning fast and super easy to use, so it can help you run your fleet without a huge price tag.

Do you integrate with an onboard device?

We currently integrate with a Vehicle Health Monitor (VHM) device that plugs into a vehicle's OBD-II port (available on all cars and light duty trucks made since 1996).

The device collects a ton of data while the vehicle is being driven (odometer, distance driven, fuel economy, idle time, speeds, acceleration/deceleration, diagnostic codes and more…) then sends the data to Fleetio automatically when the vehicle returns via an antenna at the office. There is no need for a costly cellular connection for each device to communicate with Fleetio.

This option is currently available to all customers. Contact us or visit the VHM page if you are interested in learning more.

Service reminders

Is it possible to setup reminders for custom service/maintenance tasks?

Yes, you can add service reminders for more service types by adding "custom service types" for your account. Click the "Service Types" link under the Account drop-down link on the top navigation bar, then you can add/edit your custom service types from there.

Your custom service types will then be available as options on both the Service Reminder form, as well as the Service Entry form. You'll see them in addition to all the built-in options.

See our Help Center for more on customizing reminders and service types.


How do permissions work for different users?

Fleetio’s user access system is centered around "roles" and specific permission options. User access "roles" are like “buckets” that help you control how your organization's users and drivers access Fleetio.

  • Users with the “Notifications Only” role cannot actually log into Fleetio to view or manipulate any data for an account. These users can only receive reminder notification emails from maintenance or renewal reminders.
  • The "viewer" role lets you give read-only access to certain users. You can let the user view all vehicles in the account, or only certain vehicles. This can be useful for 3rd-party users or vendors who need to be able to view data on your account but not edit anything.
  • “Manager” users can manage vehicle-related information, but only for certain vehicles and/or locations.
  • Users with the "admin" role can manage all vehicles in the account, plus you can control admin access to the Account Settings and User Management areas.

Visit the Fleetio Help Center for instructions on how to set user permissions.


What is the difference between an account and a user?

A User is a person with an email address & password. Vehicles belong to Accounts instead of Users so Accounts basically provide a way to group your vehicles.

Each Account is separate from a billing perspective and each has its own billing information.

What happens when I cancel an account?

Cancelling an account deletes all vehicles and associated data (service entries, documents, etc.) immediately, so be careful.

Import & export

Can I import fuel purchases from my fleet card provider?

Fleetio is currently integrated with a number of major Fuel Card Providers in the United States. With this option, our users can automatically have their fuel records import into their account on a daily basis. Visit our Fuel Card Page for more information.

Can you import mileage information from an external source like a GPS system?

There's not a way for users to import mileage updates at this point, but contact us and let's see if we can help. Our Meter Update template option, when added to your account, will allow you to add current odometer values in a minimal amount of time.

Can you import my data from another system or the spreadsheet we've been using?

Likely so if you can get all your vehicle information into a spreadsheet. Contact us and let's chat about it.

Subscription & billing

Which credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX

Can you send us an invoice so we can pay by check?

Sure thing, but you'll have to prepay for a full year. The good news is that you get a 10% discount for buying an annual plan. Email us at or call us to get started.