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Connect your fuel cards to Fleetio.

It's never been easier to manage your fleet's fuel expenses with Fleetio's advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

Fleetio's fuel card integration gives us powerful insight into our fuel costs - a major expense that is usually hard to shed light on. Now we can see the true cost per mile to fuel each vehicle, helping us make informed decisions to increase our profit margin.

Dan Kratohvil, Inline Electric Supply


Syncs your fuel transactions daily.

With our integrated fuel card approach, transaction data from the pump is automatically sent to Fleetio. No more manual entry of fuel receipts or downlading and importing fuel transactions across systems.


Mileage updates too.

When drivers enter mileage at the pump, Fleetio uses that information to trigger service reminders. This time-saving approach helps you stay on top of maintenance, and keeps your vehicles performing their best.

Fleetio even has built-in logic to detect invalid mileages, flagging them for review and correction.


Smarter fuel analytics.

Fuel costs are a major expense affecting your bottom line. It's time you use data to gain better visibility into an important factor in your cost of doing business.

Helpful metrics like fuel economy (i.e. MPG) and cost per mile are automatically calculated. Fleetio helps you analyze your fuel spend from all angles - by vehicle, location, vehicle type, time frame. You name it.

Getting started is easy.

Once your fuel cards are mapped to vehicles, transactions are automatically imported each day.

Learn more in our Help Center.


Automate your fleet for only $1 per month/card.

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