Fleetio Success Stories

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Making Fleet Accountability a Priority

Servpro of Birmingham wanted to take a more proactive approach to maintenance managemenet after facing unnecessary repair bills and downtime. Fleetio has helped improve accountability and get everyone on the same page.

Saving Valuable Time and Resources

Barlow Jeeps needed a fleet management solution that would allow them to focus their time and energy on creating happy customers. Now, with Fleetio, they can enter and access vehicle information from anywhere.

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Providing Better Maintenance Oversight

Troy Ford uses Fleetio to keep up with regular fleet maintenance for the City of Troy, Ohio. The Service Department and City Officials can all be on the same page with a variety of customized user roles and permissions.

Customer Feedback

Scheidt & Bachmann was looking for an application to maintain fleet data for all of our Service Vehicles. The primary requirements for us were that the new application allow us to maintain electronic records offsite with an online portal to give specific users access to update and monitor the information. We wanted a tool that would specifically monitor vehicle maintenance, fuel records and all associated costs.

Fleetio allows us to accomplish all of the items we required and more. The value of the Fleetio application is spectacular and the yearly cost is an outstanding value in comparison to other applications on the market.

Fleetio’s technical help is always very responsive and they care about the needs of their customers, often taking customer recommendation and incorporating them into the application. We at Scheidt & Bachmann are excited to work with Fleetio and are looking forward to new developments and additions to the application in the future.
— Michael Loudenback, Purchasing Manager, Scheidt & Bachmann USA Inc.
Fleetio has been a great asset to Kid One Transport. The logistics of keeping up with 19 vehicles before using Fleetio fleet management software was a HUGE task! The ease of set up as well as the versatility of the program has been great for our company.

Since using Fleetio, we haven’t missed any service or maintenance that comes due regularly. In fact, we have been ahead of schedule due to the “due soon” reminder that can be set for each vehicle.

I recommend this product to anyone who has several vehicles in a fleet. The amount of time and money it has saved has been enormous! I especially like that the program is web based therefore I can access the data whether I am in the office or by using my mobile device’s web browser!
— Patrick Galloway, Service Manager, Kid One Transport System
I have been using Fleetio to manage Geotech’s vehicles for several months, the simple yet effective online solution has proven to be a great asset to the department. It’s a vital part of my vehicle program.
— Kurt Senior, IT & Coms Manager / Vehicle Manager, Geotech Materials Services
Since starting to use their fleet management solution in February 2012, we have been extremely pleased with Fleetio’s service. With 14 emergency vehicles at 10 different stations, the program makes it far easier to keep up to date with preventative maintenance and accurately tracks ongoing vehicle concerns.
— Paul Faurschou, EMS Operations Manager, Interlake-Eastern RHA
Fleetio could not suit our needs better. It is a simple, intuitive, Mac and PC friendly piece of software that works just as well for a small fleet as it does a large one.

We had dabbled with many fleet management systems in the past but never found anything suitable for our requirements. Fleetio filled this gap perfectly and has made a huge difference to the running of our fleet.

Fleetio helps us keep on top of the complicated logistics and paperwork of running a fleet of vehicles through out several countries. It also helps us share information regarding the fleet between our offices in different countries quickly and easily.

The support team have been helpful and supportive, acting quickly to our ideas and recommendations. This has allowed us to customise the software to our own personal needs.
— Ollie Blackwell, Fleet Manager, Safari Drive
We manage a fleet of 85 vehicles which is rapidly growing. Fleetio is a reliable and user friendly program that even a novice can navigate with ease. We are able to retrieve important data on all vehicles from purchase information, vehicle maintenance, mileage, as well as insurance and registration renewals.

The friendly Fleetio technical support team is committed to serving our company’s needs.
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