Create a maintenance schedule with incredible ease.

Each maintenance task and reminder schedule is 100% customizable.

  • Track activities from anywhere with Fleetio
  • Assign reminders to specific users
  • Set a schedule and let Fleetio do the rest!

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Quickly see which vehicle tasks need attention.

You'll automatically receive an email reminder when maintenance or tasks are due.

  • Set a threshold for when services are "due soon" to get advanced notice
  • Reminders keep coming until the task in logged in Fleetio
  • Helpful graphics on the Fleetio Dashboard show the status of your fleet

Logging maintenance, inspections and services performed is a breeze.

Attach documents and store notes with each maintenance record. Reminders automatically calculate when they're next due.

  • Fleetio Mobile makes data entry quick and easy no matter where you are
  • Go back and edit or update any entry
  • Automatic calculations let you know how much your vehicles cost per mile to operate

Easily access your maintenance history anytime, anywhere.

An unlimited, organized vehicle service log, safe and secure online.

  • See exactly how much you are spending
  • Sort expenses by vendor
  • Make more informed decisions

Fleetio makes your life easier.

  • Schedule and track preventive maintenance
  • Reduce or eliminate unplanned vehicle downtime
  • Increase vehicle productivity and extend vehicle life
  • Identify and minimize maintenance rework
We’ve been with Fleetio since July of 2012 and have nothing but high marks for their product and for their customer service and follow up; impeccable!
— -Mark Voltz, Joerns

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