Information that transforms a fleet

Make Fleetio an even more powerful fleet management tool by linking with Prova Systems VHM hardware. Loads of useful information seamlessly downloads from vehicles to a central base station whenever they are in range.

Simple installation

Plug and play technology makes setting up your hardware extremely easy. VHM chips work in most light duty vehicles manufactured after 1996 and connect through the OBD-2 Port; conveniently located near the steering column. Prova Systems will guide you through purchasing the equipment. From there, our team will happily update your account to receive the data.

Interactive VHM Data

Interactive VHM Data

Save time and money with smarter data

VHM data gives you a more comprehensive understanding of your fleet. Driver behavior, diagnostic information and vehicle usage are sent directly to your account in Fleetio.

Track all of the following and more:

  • Updated Odometer readings that trigger service reminders
  • Idle time
  • Speeding
  • Fuel mileage and consumption
  • Excessive acceleration/deceleration
  • Diagnostic information from your vehicle

See savings instantly!

A great partnership

Our team at Fleetio is delighted to work with Prova Systems, supplying our customers with accurate and reliable information. See an immediate difference in the way your fleet operates.

Add VHM integration to your account today.

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