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AtoB Fuel Card Integration

AtoB was designed to help fleets of all sizes fuel better, letting fleet owners cut costs, take control and reimagine convenience. The AtoB Fuel Card can be used to make vehicle-related purchases anywhere Visa is accepted (which is pretty much everywhere) and comes with a strong discount network. The AtoB card also helps prevent fuel theft and fraud and enables fleet managers to monitor and direct how their vehicles are fueled, ensuring you keep your fuel costs as low as possible. AtoB's payroll program is sleek, affordable and powerful and enables you to send money in minutes (not days), and lets drivers track payments and prepare for tax season all while allowing you to monitor every expense in one central hub with ease.

AtoB Integration Features

  • The AtoB Fuel Card was designed to help you cut costs: use it to make vehicle-related purchases anywhere Visa is accepted and enjoy competitive discounts on every gallon of fuel without limit
  • The AtoB app provides your drivers the tools they need to fuel at the cheapest stations, and you the oversight to ensure they do just that
  • It enables you to take control: Use Card Unlock and Telematics to prevent fuel theft and fraud - AtoB customers save an avg of 11¢ per gallon using our Telematics fuel theft feature
  • It's built for convenience: The AtoB card is accepted everywhere Visa is, so drivers will never need to drive off route to in-network gas stations. And you can access all of our powerful tools in one simple central hub

Areas of Operation

  • United States

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