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Car IQ Fuel Card Integration

Car IQ has created a payment solution aimed at fleets that allows cars and trucks to connect to gas pumps and pay for fuel without the need for a fuel card or credit card. Car IQ's payment solution, Car IQ Pay, replaces fleet card products and protects against fraud while significantly reducing back-office vehicle reconciliation.

Car IQ Integration Features

  • Car IQ Pay enables vehicles to connect to the pump and pay for fuel without the need for a credit card and fuel entries are automatically added to Fleetio
  • Car IQ is completely cloud-based: no hardware / equipment to install
  • Vehicle data is tied directly to the transaction for easy tracking and reporting reducing end of the month reconciliation time
  • Car IQ Pay integrates with existing telematics devices in the car
  • The real time transaction data from Car IQ can be used to eliminate fraud and validate fueling

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Car IQ Brochure

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