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Car IQ Fuel Payment Integration

Car IQ's cutting-edge payments platform transforms a vehicle into a secure payment device. Using unique vehicle data, Car IQ securely and autonomously connects the car directly to merchants, eliminating physical cards and completely transforming fleet operations. Car IQ integrates with existing tech stacks and uses telematics and vehicle data to provide fleets with detailed insights, allowing them to follow every payment and eliminate fraud. Car IQ consolidates all transactions into a single ledger, reducing reconciliation and enabling fleets to manage their spending more effectively.

Car IQ Integration Features

  • Car IQ Pay enables vehicles to securely connect to the pump, eliminating the need for a credit card
  • Fuel entries are automatically added to Fleetio, reducing time-consuming reconciliation
  • Car IQ is completely cloud-based: no hardware / equipment to install. When cloud isn't available, Car IQ uses vehicle data to turn on Tap to Pay
  • Vehicle data is tied directly to the transaction for easy tracking and reporting, eliminating time consuming reconciliation
  • Car IQ Pay integrates with existing telematics devices in the car
  • The real time transaction data from Car IQ can be used to eliminate fraud and validate fueling
  • Fleetio’s fuel management system connects to your Car IQ Payment platform to streamline accounting and detect fraud. The integration between Car IQ and Fleetio offers comprehensive insights into vehicles and payments, supplying valuable context for transactions, and enabling fleets to identify trends and eliminate fraud.

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