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RoadFlex Fuel Card Integration

RoadFlex is a modern Visa fuel card and expense management platform built for growing fleets. It grants full visibility and control over fuel, fleet and other work-related expenses. We save customers an average of over 11% on fuel costs annually. Fleets can connect Fleetio through RoadFlex’s platform. After the integration, fleets and vehicles on Fleetio will be synced with RoadFlex. RoadFlex uses the vehicle location for fraud detection and to help fleets analyze fleet spend based on location and trips.

RoadFlex Integration Features

  • Reduce fleet costs with competitive discounts at all fuel stations nationwide.
  • Integrate with your existing telematics provider and use RoadFlex to reduce fleet risk and eliminate fuel fraud.
  • Set rules and spending limits for each card or driver, issue cards instantly and authorize payments in real-time. This increases driver retention.



Areas of Operation

  • United States
  • Canada