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AirIQ GPS & Telematics Integration

AirIQ has been a customer-driven telematics provider for over 24 years. We strive to provide customers with innovative solutions and a variety of data insights to better manage their fleets for success, saving our customers money and ensuring their fleet is safe and compliant. We have your ideal solution for all fleet types and sizes: construction equipment, trailers, vehicles, trucks, buses, bins. Products include battery devices, dashcams, standard tracking, rugged devices and ELD. Setting your eyes on a successful path is simple with AirIQ on your team.

AirIQ Integration Features

  • Real-time and historical data, driver events and trip analytics to understand driving behaviours, maintenance tracking and DTC codes to ensure the health of assets, accurate ETA's and stop times for improved customer service, geofence detection to alert if an asset leaves or enters an identified area, after hours usage notifications, lone worker, compliance with mandates both in US and Canada and payroll verification.
  • AirIQ ensures fleet challenges are a thing of the past, so you gain the benefit of accountability, compliance, efficiency, safety, ELD, maintenance, and dashcam protection. Automate your preventive mainteannce schedule with odometer readings synced to Fleetio daily Manage Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) & engine faults within Fleetio


Primary OdometerSecondary MeterFaults/DTCVendor Location AlertsVehicle LocationDVIRVehicle Importing

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Areas of Operation

  • United States
  • Canada

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