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ClearPathGPS GPS & Telematics Integration

ClearPathGPS is a leading provider of GPS fleet tracking solutions that help businesses improve their operations and bottom line. Our powerful, yet easy-to-use platform and mobile app provides the real time fleet visibility, data insights, and reports needed to more effectively manage the vehicles, people and assets sent into the field every day. Serving thousands of businesses across the US, ClearPathGPS is laser focused on the success of our customers and we’re very proud of our top-rated customer reviews on TrustPilot and Capterra.

ClearPathGPS Integration Features & Benefits

  • Get real-time visibility on maintenance issues to ensure immediate action
  • Automate routine maintenance schedules to minimize vehicle downtime
  • Verify fuel expenses and vehicle locations to prevent fraud
  • Create central repository for all fleet info, and more
Primary Odometer Secondary Meter Faults/DTC Vendor Location Alerts Vehicle Location DVIR Vehicle Sensor Data

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