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GPS Insight GPS & Telematics Integration

GPS Insight helps organizations engage their fleet by delivering innovative solutions and actionable insights. Organizations across North America turn to GPS Insight when they have high fleet operating costs, are worried about safety on the roads and have inefficiencies that waste valuable time and money. GPS Insight offers all-encompassing fleet software to better manage vehicles, trailers and other mobile assets to include vehicle and asset tracking, in-cab smart cameras and ELD compliance.

GPS Insight Integration Features & Benefits

  • GPS Insight solves challenges pertaining to Accountability, Compliance, Efficiency and Safety leveraging GPS tracking, smart fleet cameras, ELD, maintenance, DVIR and roadside assistance
  • GPS Insight features include: real-time and historical fleet visibility, verify payroll, eliminate side jobs, provide proof of service, monitor and coach driver behavior, reduce accidents and risk, reduce insurance costs, manage all preventative and maintenance and DTCs, reduce fuel and labor costs, improve customer service, improve fleet utilization to help right-size the fleet, gain compliance without compromise for FMCSA and FSMA mandates
  • Manage preventative maintenance and diagnostics trouble codes within Fleetio from the GPS Insight integration
  • Automatically view odometer readings within Fleetio
Primary Odometer Secondary Meter Faults/DTC Vendor Location Alerts Vehicle Location DVIR Vehicle Sensor Data

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