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IntelliShift GPS & Telematics Integration

IntelliShift offers the only no-risk solution for mobile fleet and field operations, delivering safety, efficiency and guaranteed ROI through intuitive technology and a customer experience blueprint that solves today's problems quickly and helps you be ready for whatever comes next. IntelliShift is rooted in more than 20 years of IoT and telematics expertise.

IntelliShift Integration Features

  • A Smarter Fleet Platform - An all-in-one solution for fleet management designed to improve fleet efficiency and safety outcomes today, and guarantee ROI for your business tomorrow.
  • AI Video & Safety - Reduce accidents, injury, and liability with powerful in-cab video and innovative safety management solutions. We offer the industry's tightest integration of video, advanced telematics, and engine diagnostics from a single platform, tailored for fleets of all sizes.
  • Fleet Intelligence & Analytics - Transform fleet data into the intelligence you need to make fast, informed decisions. Unify, integrate, analyze, and visualize previously siloed data with an intuitive user experience.
  • Field Operations & Compliance - Digitize inspections to meet DOT requirements and avoid unnecessary fines or unexpected downtime. Build seamless processes to capture data from the field with easy-to-use apps and automated workflows.
  • Connected Assets & GPS Tracking - GPS tracking with flexible maps and multi-view technology allows an up-to-the-minute view of assets in the field for better operational decision-making. Optimize your fleet activities with real-time vehicle locations and engine diagnostics.


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