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Raven Connected GPS & Telematics Integration

Raven is a cost-effective video telematics platform offering small & medium businesses unparalleled visibility into their remote field operations. Raven includes an LTE-connected, dual-camera device packed with sensors including GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity & microphone. Equipped with a driver-facing LCD display, Raven reinforces safe driving behaviors while capturing critical event info including vehicle location, speeding, harsh acceleration/braking & potential impacts in real-time. Data captured by Raven is securely hosted in a national Tier 1 Data Center subject to strict privacy guidelines & offering unlimited storage for video, images & telematics data.

Raven Connected Integration Features & Benefits

  • Plug & play (OBDII) installation for rapid deployment and switching between vehicles
  • Dual camera (road & cabin) HD video capture with live & historic video streaming
  • Real-time location updates every 2 seconds
  • Driver facing LCD display with posted speed and dispatch messaging
  • Always-on vehicle security with integrated battery backup
Primary Odometer Secondary Meter Faults/DTC Vendor Location Alerts Vehicle Location DVIR Vehicle Sensor Data

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Areas of Operation

United States, Canada, Mexico

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