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Trackem GPS & Telematics Integration

Founded in 2003, Solutions Into Motion (SIM) is a Canadian company providing real-time, simple-to-use GPS tracking hardware and mobile application software for business efficiency and family safety purposes. The company is based out of Brantford, Ontario and is family owned and operates across North America.

Trackem Integration Features & Benefits

  • Know where your vehicles are at all times with unlimited history.
  • Instant notifications let you know your fleet activity when you need it.
  • Robust suite of reports to gain insights into your fleet.
  • Driver scorecards help to identify drivers with habits of harsh driving, speeding and idling.
  • Dashboards provide a snapshot of fleet or driver specific mileage, fuel, fleet efficiency and job hours.
Primary Odometer Secondary Meter Faults/DTC Vendor Location Alerts Vehicle Location DVIR Vehicle Sensor Data

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