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Fill-Rite Fuel Management Integration

Since 1961, Fill-Rite has been at the forefront of the fuel transfer industry, delivering premium fuel transfer pumps, meters, and accessories that set the standard for durability and reliability. In 2018, we proudly introduced the Fill-Rite Fuel Management System (FMS). Our simple system integrates hardware, a mobile app, and a web portal to provide absolute control over your fuel costs. Fill-Rite FMS utilizes robust tracking tools to swiftly detect and prevent theft, automates tax refunds for off-road fuel usage, and offers customizable, automated reports with seamless access. With an expandable, modular design, it’s the ultimate Fuel Management System, and the last one you’ll even need.

Fill-Rite Integration Features

  • Eliminate manual data entry and managing spreadsheets between systems. Fuel transaction data is automatically ingested into Fleetio, including site, tank, and total volume.
  • See how fuel costs factor into overall operating costs with detailed reports and cost calculations.
  • Uncover possible fuel theft with tank capacity alerts in Fleetio and driver/vehicle restrictions in Fill-Rite FMS

Areas of Operation

  • Global