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Pitstop Predictive Analytics Integration

Pitstop is a cloud-based Predictive Maintenance Platform, enabling fleets to leverage the wealth of data and information available from their vehicles in order to cut costs, reduce downtime and significantly drive value. Combining leading AI technology and machine learning, Pitstop predicts and communicates vehicle failures, the maintenance needs of vehicles, and vehicle-related data in real-time (i.e. battery voltage, fuel trims, diesel exhaust parameters, etc.). Using Pitstop's proprietary insights, fleets can make smarter business decisions in order to increase overall operational efficiencies. Let your data work for you.

Pitstop Integration Features

  • Proprietary algorithms that predict component failures before they happen
  • Customizable reports to share cross-functionally amongst business
  • Vehicle health analytics that provides predictive insights while alleviating data overload
  • Prioritizing alerts in real-time to share with drivers and repair shops (with Exportable health reports)
  • Prevent unplanned downtime and on the road breakdowns to save up to $2000/vehicle per year
  • Integration with Fleetio to automatically generate an Issue Record when Pitstop predicts a component failure

Areas of Operation

  • Global

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