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FleetIT Safety and Compliance Integration

FleetIT is a company that offers a nationwide toll management solution for fleet owners. The company's service aims to simplify toll processing, payments, and data access for fleets while reducing operations costs by paying reduced toll rates nationwide. FleetIT's key features include the ability to manage tolls on a nationwide basis, pay reduced toll rates, eliminate paper mail tolls and fees, track toll and violation trends with an online dashboard, and access toll data in near real-time.

FleetIT Integration Features

  • Nationwide toll management solution
  • Cost effectiveness by paying reduced toll rates nationwide
  • Reduce fleet's operation costs by eliminating paper mail tolls and fees
  • Intuitive online dashboard to see toll and violation trends, along with total costs incurred
  • Technology that allow fleet owners to receive their toll data in almost real time, faster than other providers in the space

Areas of Operation

United States

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