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Keycafe Safety and Compliance Integration

Keycafe is a business key management system designed for fleet vehicle access control. A Keycafe SmartBox is a modular IOT electronic key locker system operated remotely in real-time. Managers can assign, revoke and track access for all keys in their fleet to maximize usage efficiencies, prevent key loss and even reduce fleet size requirements.

Keycafe Integration Features

  • Remote Real-time control: Managers can track, grant, or revoke key access from anywhere at anytime.
  • Key Return Notifications: Managers and users to know when keys are late, or not picked up on time.
  • Authorized Access Only: Each key has its own compartment and access codes are granted at the user level.
  • Modular and Expandable: Our devices can support one key to hundreds of keys with capacity added as you need it.
  • Complete Audit History: All key exchanges are logged and team members have visibility into who has keys.



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