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BeyondTrucks TMS Integration

BeyondTrucks is built for fleets determined to transform into the most cost competitive and best transportation providers in today’s inter-connected, data-driven, and automated world. BeyondTrucks platform creates seamless workflows and unified data as the foundation for leveraging automation and artificial intelligence to deliver streamlined fleet operations, better decisions, and radical visibility.

BeyondTrucks Integration Features

  • Highly configurable SaaS platform to uniquely fit your complex fleet needs. This results in better connectivity to other technologies, easier adoption, deeper automation and better data for smarter real-time decisions. We maintain our fleetio integration in our master-architecture to ensure reliability and cost efficiency for our fleet customers.
  • Comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) module to manage customer contracts, locations, routes, facilities, and rates. Our platform handles the industry’s most complex rate logic and automate load ingestion through multiple channels.
  • Dispatch planning module helps load planners optimize capacity utilization with artificial intelligence embracing complex equipment, driver, commodity, brokerage, route and schedule decisions. Our Fleetio integration makes dispatch more efficient, aligning equipment availability & compatibility with driver and load requirements.
  • Delivery execution module allows dispatchers to coordinate and communicate seamlessly and transparently with their drivers, flexibly configuring driver workflows to improve service quality and safety, automating freight paperwork and load logs to reduce revenue leakage and improve risk management, and track equipment, loads and drivers for deep visibility into their customers.
  • Finance and reporting module helps fleets streamline complex customer billing requirements, process payroll for various pay and driver types, while coordinating accounting and reporting for multi-entity fleets. We improve financial decisions by incorporating fleetio data into your operational for more insightful business intelligence, actionable decisions, and more powerful optimization of your fleets across assets.

Areas of Operation

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico

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