Asset Management

Effortlessly Manage Every Asset in Your Fleet from 'Cradle to Grave'

Why is Asset Management Better with Fleetio?

Vehicle leasing and ownership is costly. Selection and procurement is just one part of the equation. At Fleetio, we believe data is more powerful when it's all in one place. That's why we make it easy to store everything about your fleet. From purchase or lease details to operating expenses, managing vehicles in Fleetio makes allocation, operation and remarketing a breeze.

  • Mobile Asset Management

    Manage your fleet from anywhere. Fleetio Go, our modern fleet management mobile app allows you to manage every aspect of your fleet on the go.

  • Effortless Data Management

    When you manage every document, service entry, work order and more in Fleetio, you'll never need another file cabinet.

  • Collaboration and Reporting

    Fleetio makes every aspect of your fleet operations visible with dashboards and reporting.

Detailed Data Management

Store everything about your fleet. Purchase or lease details, operating expenses, status history, driver assignments, important dates and more — all in one place.

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  • Real cost per mile

  • VIN Decoding of 90+ Specs

  • Custom Fields

  • Documents and Photos

  • Notes and Comments

  • Permissions - Roles, Groups & Subgroups

  • Status & Assignment History

  • Multiple Meters

  • Quick Search

  • Link Assets

  • Import & Export Data

Operate Smarter, More Efficiently

Store acquisition and loan/lease information and have it handy for financial planning and easily remarket assets. With loan and lease costs tracked as part of operating expenses in Fleetio, you can accurately determine when to sell, keeping valuable operating dollars in your pocket.

  • Acquisition Details

  • Renewal Reminders

  • Utilization Stats

  • Asset Relationship Management

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Reporting & Analytics

Data visibility is key for surfacing actionable insight that keeps everyone in your fleet informed. From c-suite to back office, on the road and in the shop, team members have access to the information they need to keep the fleet running at optimal speed.

  • Vehicle List

  • Vehicle Details

  • Utilization Summary

  • Vehicle Renewal Reminders

  • Vehicle Assignment Log

  • Status Changes

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