5 Reasons to Attend Our Vehicle Fluids and Preventive Maintenance Webinar

We’re excited to be hosting a webinar in partnership with Bridgestone and ITW on Wednesday, November 20th at 2 p.m. EST. In this webinar, we’ll explore vehicle fluid services and the importance of preventive maintenance schedules. Here are five reasons you should register for the webinar.


1. Learn About the Different Types of Fluid Services

It might seem like every component under the hood requires some type of fluid treatment. While the list of fluids your vehicles use can seem endless, the scope can be narrowed. We’ll cover some of the most important fluids, from the fuel and cooling systems to differential services and more.

2. Understand Fluid's Impact on Vehicles

Each of those fluids serves a purpose for a vehicle to function. Take a deep dive into the effect proper fluid servicing can have on the performance of your vehicle. Understanding the impact will allow you to conduct necessary maintenance and maximize the lifespan of your vehicles.

3. How to Approach Preventive Maintenance Schedules

To get the most out of your vehicles and fluid services, you’ll need to develop a preventive maintenance schedule. This webinar will help you identify the best schedule for your assets and how to manage and automate notifications for each vehicle with the help of software.

Register for our exclusive webinar in partnership with Bridgestone and ITW on Wednesday, November 20 at 2 p.m. EST.

4. Ask an Expert

The webinar will be presented by Kent Scheper, national account manager at Bridgestone Retail Operations (BSRO). Kent brings extensive aftermarket industry knowledge including over 30 years of experience. There will be a Q&A session after the presentation where you can ask him anything related to vehicle fluids, their purpose and best practices for your fleet.

5. Win a $500 Firestone Gift Card

What could be better for your fleet than Firestone’s exceptional service? Receiving that exceptional service for free! Attending the live webinar automatically enters you into a drawing to win a Firestone Complete Auto Care Gift Card for $500**, which can be used at any Firestone location.

**In order to qualify to win the gift card, registrants must attend the live webinar. None of the entities participating in the webinar has any expectation of future business or other preferential treatment.

Under the Hood: Vehicle Fluids and Preventive Maintenance Schedules is a free webinar happening Wednesday, November 20 at 2 p.m. EST. Register today!

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