6 Reasons to Attend Our Engine Oil Webinar

We’re excited to be hosting a webinar in partnership with Bridgestone and Shell on Tuesday, August 27th at 2 p.m. EST. In this webinar, you can go “Under the Hood” and learn about engine oil solutions with a trio of experts in the field. Here are six reasons you should register for the webinar today.


1. Go Beyond the Basics

While engine oil is a topic we’re all familiar with, our experts will take a deep dive into the details of engine oil and the oil industry. The oil industry is rapidly advancing through the help of new technology. Our panel will examine new industry trends and look ahead to the future of oil. You’ll also learn about engine oil composition and how using the right oil can help protect your assets.

2. Extend the Lifespan of Your Assets

Vehicle replacement is always a concern among fleet owners and managers. Engine oil can have a massive impact on extending the lifespan of your assets. Our experts will discuss how staying on top of oil changes and vehicle inspections can maximize vehicle lifespan, as well as prevent downtime and unnecessary expenses.

3. Optimize Your Maintenance Plan

An efficient maintenance process is key to the success of any fleet. This webinar will help you develop optimal maintenance intervals and learn how creating PM schedules in Fleetio can streamline your maintenance process.

Register for a special webinar in partnership with Bridgestone and Shell on Tuesday, August 27 at 2 p.m. EST. oil-webinar-fleetio-bridgestone

The oil industry is in a constant state of growth and advancement. In this webinar, you’ll get the insider scoop on the latest industry trends and updates on government regulations. Our experts will also touch on technological advancements and the future of synthetic oil.

5. Ask an Expert

Our presenters David Hanrahan, Henry Gonzalez and Jeff Miller have many years of experience in the oil and automotive industries. Take advantage of their knowledge and advice by asking them your pressing questions about oil composition, the oil and gas industries and how to improve your fleet maintenance strategies. Ask them anything oil-related!

6. Win a $250 Firestone Gift Card

What’s better than Firestone’s exceptional service? Receiving that exceptional service for free! Attending the live webinar automatically enters you into a drawing to win a Firestone Complete Auto Care Gift Card for $250**, which can be used at any Firestone location. Get some new tires for that truck or better yet, oil changes for multiple assets!

**In order to qualify to win the gift card, registrants must attend the live webinar. None of the entities participating in the webinar has any expectation of future business or other preferential treatment.

Under the Hood: Engine Oil is a free webinar happening Tuesday, August 27th at 2 p.m. EST. Register today!

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