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Raj Udeshi

Raj Udeshi

Feb 22, 2021

1 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Automate Vehicle Assignments with Inspection Workflows

Our new workflow with Inspections makes vehicle assignments much easier and saves you time!


Hands-Off Vehicle Assignments

Asset assignments are a great way to maintain visibility into responsibility of each vehicle in your fleet. However, ensuring vehicles are assigned to the correct drivers can be time consuming and repetitive. We’ve heard fleet managers highlight the fact that they need to reassign vehicles every day and that it’s cumbersome to try and keep up with.

With our latest enhancement to Inspections, fleet managers can take a hands-off approach and set workflows in place that make it easier to assign vehicles to drivers automatically.

Inspection Forms now give you the flexibility to automatically assign Users who submit an inspection to the vehicle on which the inspection is being performed. This enables you to automate vehicle assignments and maintain visibility into who is using which vehicle. The assignment will start when the inspection is submitted and end any existing assignments on the vehicle. With this, you can hold your team accountable and maintain visibility into who is operating/responsible for each vehicle across your fleet.


Inspections and Assignments in Fleetio work hand-in-hand, and we’re excited to make assigning drivers to vehicles a breeze so that you can continue to focus on more imperative tasks directly related to your fleet.

If you're looking to streamline assignment and inspection workflows, start your free Fleetio trial or request a demo today!

About the Author

Raj Udeshi
Raj Udeshi

Product Marketing Manager

Raj Udeshi is a Product Marketing Manager at Fleetio and a seasoned B2B marketer with over 7 years of experience and 4+ years in the SaaS industry. Raj is based in Southern California where he spends time with his two dogs and fiancé. He enjoys hiking, basketball and golf.

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