Corry Hutchens Joins the Fleetio Team


We are excited to welcome Corry Hutchens to the Fleetio Team!

As a customer success specialist focusing on the maintenance shop integration, Corry will evangelize and educate customers on how the MSI works, its benefits and help them fully implement it across their organization.

Corry loves to take walks with his wife to be, Madison, and he is a virtual reality enthusiast. Watching Lord of the Rings Return of the King and Star Wars never gets old to him either!

Fun fact about Corry: Once he hiked a 20-mile portion of the Appalachian Trail in Crocs in the snow of December.

Welcome to the team, Corry :)

Abby Drummond

Marketing and Event Coordinator

Abby Drummond is the Marketing & Event Coordinator at Fleetio. Abby’s favorite things are music and travel, and she also loves exploring food and beverage hotspots with her husband and two dogs.

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