5 Reasons to Attend Our Fleet Maintenance Webinar

Our friend and maintenance expert Josh Adam is leading a webinar, Simplifying Fleet Maintenance for SMBs on Wednesday, March 14. Here are five reasons why you should register.


1. Get Access to a Fleet Maintenance Consultant

Josh Adam has 15 years of experience in maintenance leadership. In 2014, he founded his fleet maintenance consulting company, inta maintenance, where he coaches agriculture and construction companies on keeping their assets healthy.

Josh will pull from his experience, sharing lessons learned from working in the field and advice he provides his clients.

2. Develop or Improve Your Fleet Maintenance Process

A majority of Josh’s work involves helping small- to medium-sized businesses create or iterate on their fleet maintenance process. Josh will walk through the six steps your company should work through to develop an effective process as well as some relevant tips he has learned over the years.

3. Keep Your Assets on the Road

As Josh likes to say, “If your vehicles are not running, your business is not running.”

An effective fleet maintenance process is key to keeping your assets healthy, and it does not stop there. You also need to measure the right key performance indicators (KPIs), get your employees on board and master the balance of providing recognition and rewards for your employees.

There are many moving pieces to an effective process—a fleet maintenance software will help you stay organized.

4. The Webinar is Free and You’ll Get a Free Worksheet

This 45-minute webinar is free. All you have to do is register! Also, Josh will send you a free worksheet following the webinar that will help you set realistic goals for your maintenance process.

5. Get an International Perspective

Josh lives in Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia, so he will add an international perspective to the maintenance process, such as safety compliance regulations.

Bonus: he has an Australian accent. How fun is that?

We held this webinar on Wednesday, March 14. Watch the recording here!

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