Fleet GPS Tracking: The Benefits of Geofencing

A geofence is a virtual ‘fence’ or boundary that covers a specified area on a map and can be used to send alerts when fleet assets enter or exit the area.


When it comes to tracking fleet GPS location, geofencing provides a number of benefits:

Automatic Alerts

Geofencing allows fleets to track specific vehicle and driver movements. Many fleet GPS tracking solutions offer automatic notifications when an asset enters or exits a geofence.

Geofencing has allowed many fleets to eliminate driver time logs altogether since they know when their employees arrive and depart from job sites.

Fleet GPS tracking solutions may also provide reports including how long vehicles have been outside a geofenced area. This helps identify unnecessary vehicle use and saves fuel.

Fuel Theft Prevention

Geofencing provides greater insight into fleet operations, helping you identify and prevent theft and potentially even save on insurance premiums.

If an asset leaves a geofence during an unauthorized time period, you can quickly verify whether it is an employee and take action. One company was able to recover $400,000 in stolen assets using geofences.

Proper Use of Assets

Vehicle movement within and outside of geofenced areas helps indicate proper or improper vehicle use. Employees that spend a significant amount of time idling, outside of a geofence or on non-customized routes could be using assets for personal use. Identifying improper asset use helps prevent fuel theft and personal trips, reducing fleet expenses.


In addition to ensuring proper asset use, geofencing can help pinpoint potential fleet inefficiencies. Geofencing allows fleet managers to verify that employees are following optimized routes and spending their time wisely.

If an emergency job arises, you can quickly identify the best person to respond based on their real-time GPS location. Instead of calling your employees and asking for their location, you can quickly glance at a map and take action.

Better Communication

Geofencing helps streamline fleet manager-to-driver communication. When using a fleet GPS tracking solution with geofencing, it is no longer necessary to get manual confirmation when employees reach a job site. Instead, you can receive an automatic alert upon driver arrival and always reference real-time location on a map.

Greater Safety

With insight into the real-time location of your drivers and assets around the clock, your fleet will quickly become safer. If there is an emergency, you can locate your drivers immediately and know if they are in danger.

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Jessie Robinson

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