Fleet Maintenance Software: Optimizing the Maintenance Process and Streamlining Fleet Calculations

Technology is increasingly being adopted in the fleet industry and disrupting how fleet managers operate. Fleet maintenance software is leading the charge through better data collection methods, greater fleet visibility and real-time vehicle alerts. Fleet managers are working smarter, not harder.


We have pulled together some of our favorite fleet maintenance software posts below—everything from optimizing the fleet maintenance process to calculating costs related to vehicle maintenance and considering outsourcing fleet maintenance.

Optimizing the Fleet Maintenance Process

Webinar: Simplifying Fleet Maintenance for SMBs - Josh Adam, founder of inta maintenance, concisely lays out a six step fleet maintenance process you should follow to accurately assess fleet assets, determine proper next steps and get your team on board.

A Powerful Pair: Telematics and Fleet Maintenance Software - Leveraging data from your telematics system in your fleet maintenance software streamlines fleet operations.

Fleet Inspections 101: Guide to Smarter Inspections - Paper-based inspection forms cause fleets to lose valuable time, disrupt communication, waste money and limit reaction time.

How to Increase Efficiency with Fleet Maintenance Software and VIN Decoding - You can save hours of manual data entry and make better informed decisions when using VIN decoding with your fleet maintenance software.

PM Forecasting with Fleet Maintenance Software - A dedicated maintenance software provides greater insight into upcoming PMs each month, helping improve your planning.

Why Usage-Based Preventative Maintenance Is Better - Compare time-based and meter-based preventative maintenance with usage-based PM.

Using Fleet Maintenance Metrics

How to Monitor Metrics and Get Team Buy-in for Your Fleet Maintenance Process - After creating a fleet maintenance process, the next step is getting your team on-board.

Tracking Fleet Performance Metrics—Don’t Overlook the Basics - With more data available to fleets than ever before, it’s tempting to overlook the basic performance metrics.

Webinar: Essential Metrics You Should Be Watching and Why - Seasoned fleet maintenance expert John Dolce walks through the top six metrics your fleet should be monitoring.

Fleet Maintenance Software: To Build or Buy? (Part One) - There are a number of considerations to take into account when determining whether you should purchase or build your own fleet maintenance software.

Calculating Total Cost of Ownership - An accurate total cost of ownership calculation for your fleet can help you determine when to replace your assets and provide insight into other financial decisions.

Fleet Maintenance: How to Determine Your Equipment Costs - Understand what makes up the true cost of an asset and how you can analyze, calculate and reduce those costs.

How Transparent Is Your Fleet’s Cost Reporting - You must be able to prove your fleet’s worth to the executive team. Here’s how.

Zerorez Atlanta Saves Time and Money Adopting Fleet Maintenance Software - An Atlanta-based carpet cleaning franchise sees major savings after adopting Fleetio’s electronic vehicle inspections software.

Outsourcing Fleet Maintenance

Cutting Costs by Outsourcing Fleet Maintenance - Do not overlook the hard and soft cost savings associated with outsourcing fleet maintenance.

Video: How to Select a Fleet Maintenance Service Provider - Narrow down the thousands of options for service providers with these considerations.

Streamlining the Fleet Maintenance Authorization Process - Fleet managers are busy people. If not efficiently designed, maintenance authorization processes can quickly become a bottleneck.

Future of Fleet Management Companies - With increasing access to data and technology, the practice of letting someone else manage your fleet is becoming obsolete.

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