Fleet Metrics: Are They Helping or Hurting?

For anyone managing a group of rolling assets — large or small — visibility into the health of your asset management program is critical to your fleet’s success. A holistic, data-centered view of your assets, drivers and maintenance personnel takes the guesswork out of your fleet management efforts.


In this post: 1. The Curse of Modern Fleet Management 2. Identifying the Very Real Impact of Bad Fleet Metrics 3. Are Your Fleet Metrics Helping or Hurting

The Curse of Modern Fleet Management

Today’s fleet managers are tasked with the impossible: being everywhere at once! In the “good” old days, fleets were simply managed with an unhealthy combination of spreadsheets, notebooks and more spreadsheets.

As a fleet manager, you must ensure that your vehicles are well-maintained, on the road and where they need to be at the right time — all while keeping fuel costs down, managing driver behavior, keeping up with compliance and performing regular inspections.

On top of all of this, so many of the most valuable fleet metrics are industry specific. For instance, to stay compliant in the public transit space, fleets must adhere to a very strict 80% on-time preventative maintenance rate.

Identifying the Very Real Impact of Bad Fleet Metrics

Without the right fleet metrics, it can feel impossible to have any meaningful control over the daily chaos of your fleet. For instance, inaccurate data around fuel costs (your biggest expense) can put you over budget with little ability to correct course.

Like many fleet managers, you might have access to a large amount of data, but neither the time or the resources to analyze and act on it. If you have full visibility into driving and fuel spending habits, you can revise your fuel management strategy in real time.

Simply put, no fleet can afford to have anything but complete visibility into every aspect of their management program.

Are Your Fleet Metrics Helping or Hurting?

At the end of the day, every effort you make to streamline fleet management comes down to your business objectives. Do you have the data you need to make informed decisions about operational costs on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis? If the answer to that question is no, it’s time to re-evaluate your fleet operations processes.

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