Fleet Safety Kit: Resources to Improve Driver Safety

Fleet safety is a comprehensive issue involving maintaining safe vehicles, discouraging risky driving behaviors and ensuring positive driver well-being. With all the fleet management tasks on your list, fleet safety can be an overwhelming item to add the mix.


In a survey of fleet managers, driver safety was cited as the third biggest challenge faced daily. We understand the importance of addressing fleet safety and also the challenge in doing so.

So, we decided to put together a catch-all of our top fleet safety content in a free Fleet Safety Kit to help you address driver safety and create a safety culture within your organization.

Our Kit addresses how to prevent distracted driving, provides the steps and resources for implementing driver monitoring systems and shares advice on setting up cell phone plans and policies for your fleet.

You can download our free Fleet Safety Kit here.

Jessie Robinson

Content Marketing Specialist

Jessie Robinson is a Content Marketing Specialist at Fleetio, and is passionate about the future of green transportation technology. When she isn't writing, you can find her searching for the perfect fries.

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