Forecasting Preventative Maintenance in Fleetio

Forecasting when preventative maintenance will be due based solely on meter readings is hard. You could use time-based triggers (e.g. every 3 months) - which are easier to predict - but aren’t tied to asset utilization and therefore aren’t as effective for most PM tasks.

Fleetio solves this challenge by forecasting a PM’s next due date based on a vehicle’s average daily usage.

average fleet vehicle usage

Maintenance planning simplified

See busy vs. slow weeks

Ever feel like some weeks are slow for PMs and others are crazy busy? That’s because it’s hard to predict and plan for PMs when using only meter readings as maintenance triggers.

Wouldn’t it be great to knock out more PMs during those slower weeks?

Forecasting PMs based on usage allows you to plan more effectively and be more productive. If three weeks from now looks slammed but the week before is slow, bring some vehicles in ahead of time to even out the workload.

preventative maintenance forecast by week

With Service Reminder Forecasting in Fleetio, it’s easy to see the predicted PM schedule week-by-week and adjust accordingly.

Clearer maintenance budgeting

Plan ahead for PM-heavy months

Budgeting for maintenance is a must for good cash flow management. Trouble is, it’s difficult to see ahead of time if certain months will be more or less expensive.

What if you could look ahead and know which months are likely to incur a lot of PMs?

It’s easy to group Service Reminders by month in Fleetio, giving you an accurate forecast of the PMs likely to occur in a given month.

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