Importance of Establishing a Fleet Maintenance Process


Your fleet vehicles are key to keeping your business running. Whenever a vehicle is down, that’s a hit to your operations, not to mention your wallet.

Downtime can cost up to $760 per vehicle per day. Also, the cost of maintenance increases exponentially with vehicle age. Vehicle repairs cost an average of $14.80 per vehicle in its first year of service but jumps to $68.62 per vehicle after three or more years in service. Of course, the frequency and quality of maintenance for the vehicle over time will also impact the rate in which costs increase.

In addition to downtime costs, if you continue to drive the vehicle you could also be facing an inspection, repair or maintenance violation, which has a median ticket price of $3,250.

Josh Adam, founder of inta maintenance, has 15 years of maintenance leadership experience and guides you through creating an effective fleet maintenance process and avoiding the costs of downtime in our webinar.

In the webinar, Josh outlines:

  • Six steps for developing a solid maintenance program
  • Performance and process metrics you should be tracking
  • Methods to get your team onboard and keep them engaged
  • Tips to find and use a fleet maintenance software effectively

See how our fleet maintenance software Fleetio Manage has helped companies streamline fleet maintenance and reduce vehicle downtime. Read the case studies.

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