Jessie Robinson joins the Fleetio Team

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We're so excited to have Jessie Robinson join the Fleetio Team!

As Content Marketing Specialist, Jessie will create various types of content to propel online lead generation and grow Fleetio's customers base. She relocated to Birmingham from Cary, North Carolina and joins the team via Venture for America. She's the third VFA Fellow to join our team!

Jessie loves to travel. Some of her favorites places are New Zealand and Thailand (queue amazing elephant photo!). She also loves to stay active and be outdoors. You can find her running, playing sports, hiking, backpacking or maybe even relaxing in a hammock listening to one of her favorite podcasts. She studied environmental science at UNC and is always up to date on renewable news.

Fun fact: Jessie was a competitive jump roper and is a world champion in the sport. Beat that!

Welcome to the team, Jessie! :)

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Lori Sullivan
Marketing Director

Lori is the Director of Marketing at Fleetio and a seasoned B2B marketing and automotive advertising expert. When she's not nerding out on marketing metrics or podcasts, she is binge-watching Netflix crime dramas with her dog, Fitzgerald.

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