Monthly News Roundup—March


We know you are busy. So, we selected top fleet news from March surrounding tips and developments in the fleet industry for your convenience.

This month’s curated list of news stories includes:

  1. fmcsa

    FMCSA withdraws Safety Fitness rule

    There’s power in numbers. Industry groups united against the Safety Fitness rule and wrote a joint letter asking to kill the rule. The result? Read more

  2. ELDs

    5 myths about ELDs

    What is fact and what is fiction? There are some misconceptions about ELDs that are important for you to know. Read more

  3. biodiesel

    NBB Calls out Illegal Biodiesel Trading

    Argentine and Indonesian biodiesel imports surged 464 percent from 2014 to 2016—but no longer. The National Biodiesel Board is cracking down on illegal biodiesel trading. Read more

  4. fire-bridge

    Fire collapses portion of I-85 in Atlanta

    Who knew PVC piping could take down a bridge? PVC pipe caught fire under a portion of I-85 in Atlanta and caused the bridge to collapse. Governor Deal declared a state of emergency. Read more

  5. parking

    Google Maps’ latest trick

    You will no longer have to wander around a parking lot in search for your vehicle. The latest version of Android's Google Maps lets you track your parking locations. Read more

Where do you like to find your fleet news? Comment below!

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