Monthly News Roundup—May


We know you are busy. So, we selected top fleet news from May surrounding tips and developments in the fleet industry for your convenience.

This month’s curated list of news stories includes:

  1. truck-tire

    From the Ground Up: How Tire Care Impacts Vehicle and Fleet Safety

    Tires are just one part of the vehicle, but it can impact so much else. For example, tires underinflated by 20 percent can reduce tire life by 30 percent and decrease fuel economy by 3 percent. Read more

  2. leasing

    Leasing: A Budget & Maintenance Solution

    By leasing its vehicles, St. Lawrence County saves 93 percent on maintenance costs and 50 percent on fuel costs. Read more

  1. small fleet manager

    Defining the Small Fleet Manager

    Responsibilities of a fleet manager can vary greatly, especially for small businesses. This survey tries to define and quantify small fleet manager duties. Read more

  2. fueling

    Most Dangerous, Safest Highways Ranked

    Fueling is a tedious yet unavoidable task. Consider the following strategies to optimize your fleet’s on-site fueling. Read more

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