Monthly News Roundup—November


We know you are busy. So, we selected top fleet news from November surrounding tips and developments in the fleet industry for your convenience.

This month’s curated list of news stories includes:

  1. volvo-uber-agreement

    Volvo to supply Uber 20K+ autonomous vehicles

    Uber is not focused solely on car sharing anymore. The company wants to make a splash in the autonomous driving space and has just partnered with Volvo to help get there. Read more

  2. tesla-semi

    Tesla Semi to start at $150k, reservation prices jump to $20k

    There has been a lot of buzz about Tesla’s unveiled electric Semi. Organizations that are interested should jump on making reservations as the price to do so is quickly increasing. Read more

  3. elds

    Many choices, some at low cost, for meeting mandate

    The ELD mandate deadline is approaching quickly on December 18. Overdrive put together a guide to help you get ready. Read more

  4. driving-on-phone

    Number of drivers fined for illegally using a mobile phone falls

    Money talks. Since doubling the fine for illegal use of a mobile phone while driving in the UK, police have seen a change in offences. Read more

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