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Laura Maxwell

Laura Maxwell

Oct 25, 2016

1 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Just Released— Cost Summary and Trend Reports

Simple and oh-so shareable, new vehicle cost reports make operating cost and trend analysis a breeze.

new cost summary and trend reports

At Fleetio, our goal is to help you reduce the time, cost and energy spent running your fleet. That’s why we’re always adding to the suite of reports inside your Fleetio account. With the three latest additions to Reports, you’ll gain instant insight into different operating cost metrics for your vehicles. And just like other reports in Fleetio, you can easily export, print and share data with management anytime the mood strikes.

Operating Cost Summary

Get a high-level summary of costs associated with your vehicles with the Operating Cost Summary Report. This report displays vehicle fuel and service costs as well as average cost per meter for a selected timeframe. View aggregate totals or drill down into individual vehicles to compare them and give you immediate insight into fleet operating expenditure.

operating cost

Total Cost Trend

The Total Cost Analysis Report gives you insight into vehicle operating cost trends month-to-month. View trends for all vehicles in your fleet or for specific vehicles, helping to pinpoint assets that should be considered for re-marketing.

total cost trend

Meter/Cost Trend

Keep tabs on operating cost per mile (kilometer or hour) for your entire fleet. View vehicles in aggregate or individually and spot operating cost trends from month-to-month, helping you to properly allocate assets based on trip length.

meter cost trend

Login to your Fleetio account to try out Operating Cost reports, found in the Vehicles section of your Reports dashboard. Have feedback? Get in touch with ideas.


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Laura Maxwell
Laura Maxwell

Product Marketing Manager

Laura is a Product Marketing Manager at Fleetio and has 10+ years of experience marketing SaaS companies. Laura grew up on a dairy farm in Massachusetts with a home delivery fleet and her work gives her daily flashbacks to her childhood.

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