Conduct mobile inspections offline

Update Fleetio Go to access this new feature.

The latest update to our fleet management mobile app enables offline Inspections for your organization. Read below to see how this new functionality can help keep your people on task in the field and ensure they never miss an inspection due to a lack of mobile service.


Complete inspections in areas with no internet connection

Losing service is no longer an excuse for not conducting inspections in Fleetio. Inspections are now able to be completed as normal no matter where your fleet travels. Never print out a paper form again.

Inspections saved until you regain cell service

No matter how long you remain offline, you will be able to access any forms waiting to sync with your Fleetio account. Once you're back in an area with internet, those inspections will automatically upload to your account.

Historical inspections also available offline

In the middle of checking a previous inspection and lose service? Not a problem! Any inspection in view on your device when you go offline will remain accessible, allowing you to stay on task in the field.

Questions? Visit our Help Center or contact us at We're more than happy to help!

Ben Weinberg

Product Marketing Analyst

Ben Weinberg is a Product Marketing Analyst at Fleetio.

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