Selecting the Right Truck Body

These days, numerous businesses are using truck bodies for a broad array of purposes. Normally, trucks bodies are used to transfer goods from one place to another. They come in distinct sizes, forms, and features.

You can buy truck bodies and get them customized by truck manufacturers to fulfill your specific requirements. Also, you can get some accessories through which you can enhance the functioning, look and, safety features of these bodies.

Selection of truck bodies will impact on employee’s efficiency, team safety, and complete price of vehicle ownership. The procedure of choosing bodies is significantly intimidating, especially for those people who are new to fleet management. The fleet executive will not only search through OEM chassis specs, but also the various options on hand in the aftermarket truck bodies. There are some questions that you should think about, for example which one is much better? A dry van body or a service body, if a dry van body is chosen, then what should be the length? What spec chassis is right for the body and the application? These questions will give you an idea of what is best for you.

In this article, we'll review some helpful points that you should consider in order to select the right truck bodies.


For what purpose will you use the vehicle? Will it drag dry goods, piping materials, construction debris, perishable products or a mixture of different items? The answer to these queries will give you a good idea of what body specification and chassis capacity you need.

Estimated Vehicle Life

You have to decide that for how long you will use the vehicle. This is significant, because it will help you to choose the right item. Will you choose a body which is durable, but expensive or select an item which is cheap, but not durable?

Fuel Efficiency vs. Durability

Since the requirements of corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) are getting strict, automakers are relying on aluminum to reduce weight from vehicles to increase total fuel efficiency, with aluminum substances light vehicles are likely to be increased by 60% in-between 2012 and 2025, as per the report of a research firm.

The same trend is increasing in the truck industry, because the fleets are demanding lightweight and more fuel-efficient trucks. So, you should select a lightweight vehicle.

Advertising and Graphics

Automobile graphics can be a promotional thing for any firm, in this way; the advertising department can guide the fleet executive of what type of item they should choose. Graphics are a common addition in the body selection procedure although it really impacts body configuration and materials that are utilized to create that specific motor vehicle body.


Find out how much area your cargo will need. How will your cargo be unloaded or loaded? Does your cargo need an additional security from robbery and climate? Is there any particular temperature requirement for the cargo? A few normal kinds of truck bodies are service/utility body, flatbed, dump bed, and dry van bodies.

Climate and Working Environment

Decide in what area or climate the motor vehicle will be used. If it is used in extremely corrosive surroundings, coastal regions or in stern winters, then ponder other materials, for example fiberglass, aluminum and other things. But, remember one thing that these materials will be costly as compared to steel.


You have to think that how you will manage the cargo loading and unloading. Will you do it from the back of the motor vehicle or the side? If you choose a cube van, what kind of size doors will you require? Would you like to include built-in stairs to reduce the worker’s exhaustion in entering and going out of the motor vehicle body? Whatever the item you select, ask for the input from the team, who will use the motor vehicle to ensure that cargo specification will optimize the worker’s abilities.


The procedure to choose truck bodies is not a daunting task; you just have to check out the details of every item, before you make your final decision. I am sure, if you keep the above-mentioned points in your mind, you will definitely be able to choose outstanding truck bodies that can fulfill all your requirements.

Author Bio: Stephen Roshy is a freelance blogger, and he loves to write on storage containers and trailers. He works with Anjer Inc.

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