Top 5 GPS Tracking System on GetApp

Fleetio Drive was selected as a top 5 fleet tracking software by GetApp, a business software review site.


Fleetio Drive enables users to track driver location and trips and assign scores based on phone usage, occurrences of speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration all from their smartphones. Managers can view real-time location of drivers on a map and immediately identify drivers with risky driving habits to begin correcting behavior.

“We highlighted Fleetio as one of the leading fleet tracking solutions in the cloud due to its extensive driver tracking features and its 4.85 out of 5 star rating from users on GetApp.

Safety features such as driver behavior tracking—monitoring speed, phone usage, and aggressive acceleration and hard braking—are a huge asset to Fleetio’s GPS tracking solution, alongside its flagging features that help managers pinpoint where driver risks are being taken.

On top of this, drivers can be scored on their driving performance and given tips for improving their driving behavior. Overall, Fleetio was highlighted as the best solution for managers who need robust driver tracking features.”

-Rhiân Davies, Operations Management Researcher at GetApp

We are excited to be selected as a top fleet tracking software. We are dedicated to providing the best solutions and customer service possible!

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Jessie Robinson

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