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Fleetio Announces Partnership and Integration with Voyomotive

Fleetio is excited to offer an integration with Voyomotive’s advanced telematics and analytics solution, VOYO.


Voyomotive’s VOYO platform delivers advanced, embedded vehicle data that helps fleets increase vehicle uptime while reducing operational costs. Leveraging low-cost, plug-and-play LTE controllers, VOYO telematics and analytics not only provides customers with VIN and location data, but also a range of service and operational fleet insights such as current odometer readings, fuel level, and remaining oil life.

With their proprietary Lookout Alerts, VOYO provides fleets with key notifications on vehicle health, including alerts for MIL status, low oil life, emissions readiness, and excessive vehicle idling. Optional fleet readiness alerts include tire health alerts for low pressure, leaks and high temperature that may result in a tire blowout, as well as predicted battery failure that will alert a fleet 2-4 weeks in advance of a pending no start condition.

In addition to Look Out Alerts, VOYO’s Scan Pro solution allows fleets to preemptively address problems before they result in unplanned vehicle downtime and expensive repairs. Scan Pro automatically runs remote vehicle diagnostics every 10 minutes and can find five times more diagnostic codes than standard telematics devices by reading both generic and manufacturer fault codes from all vehicle controllers. The detailed scan results are then displayed within Fleetio and include the code name/number, name of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) that set the DTC, status, symptom byte and freeze frame data. This information enables fleets and their shop partners to remotely and efficiently determine the type, time and cost of a needed repair.

Connecting Voyomotive with your Fleetio account will automatically capture critical vehicle information that will automate and streamline your vehicle and asset maintenance workflows. Additional benefits of the VOYO integration with Fleetio include:

  • Issues are created in Fleetio when VOYO Lookout Alerts or Scan Pro report potential problems, allowing you to take corrective maintenance actions immediately.

  • Keep track of your vehicles’ historic locations on Fleetio’s vehicle profile pages.

  • Odometer readings that sync every ten minutes to provide real-time updates on vehicle usage and keep your preventive maintenance reminders timely and accurate.

If you are interested in learning more about Voyomotives telematics and analytics solutions, please reach out to

If you are a current Voyomotive customer and want to set up this integration, please contact the Fleetio Customer Support Team at to get started today.

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Meghan Saunders
Meghan Saunders

Partner Marketing Manager

Meghan Saunders is the Partner Marketing Manager at Fleetio. A Fleetio veteran, she has held multiple positions on both the Fleetio Sales and Customer Success teams during her tenure. Meghan currently resides in Austin, TX where you can find her watching a Formula 1 race, reading a good book, or out on a run.

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