Weekly News Roundup

We are starting this blog series where each Friday we will compile a list of top news stories from that week. We know your schedules are hectic so we want to save you time by selecting the best fleet news surrounding tips and developments in the fleet industry.

This week’s curated list of news stories includes:

  1. trucking

    2016’s Top Trucking Stories

    The beginning of January is an opportune time to reflect on the previous year. Overdrive compiled the top 10 trucking news stories in 2016 ranging from regulation changes to technology developments.

  2. mobility

    Five Business Model Trends for 2017

    Last year was an innovative year for the fleet industry with many developments in regards to ‘mobility’. This article outlines the top five new transportation models from 2016, so you know what to expect to see this year.

  3. snowy-road

    Safety Tip: Not Choosing the Road Less Traveled

    Shortcuts are not always a time saver during heavy snowfall especially when it leads to getting stranded on a snowy road. This article provides tips on what to do if you find yourself stranded during a snowstorm.

  4. truck

    Truckers Accounted for Most Workplace Fatalities of Any Occupation in 2015

    The fleet industry is no joke and there is high risk involved. This article reviews jobs with the highest fatalities in 2015 including heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers.

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