Weekly News Roundup

We know you are busy. So, we selected this week’s best fleet news surrounding tips and developments in the fleet industry for your convenience.

This week’s curated list of news stories includes:

  1. driver

    Cost Control is Constrained Without Driver Buy-ins

    A New Year means implementing new management strategies. This article discusses reasons your fleet should focus on modifying driver behavior.

  2. plug-in hybrid

    New Technology Will Cut Plug-in Hybrid Fuel Consumption by One-Third

    When it comes to money and fuel, who doesn’t love saving? Researchers have developed plug-in hybrid technology that can reduce vehicle energy consumption by 30 percent.

  3. plug-in hybrid

    Top 5 Topics for Construction Fleets in 2016

    Enter 2017 on a level playing field with your competitors in the construction industry—review the top 5 topics in the industry in 2016.

  4. gas-pump

    U.S. Gasoline Prices in 2016 Were the Lowest Since 2004

    Gas prices can be variable and unpredictable. This article considers gas price trends for majors regions in the U.S in 2016.

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