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We know you are busy. So, we selected this week’s best fleet news surrounding tips and developments in the fleet industry for your convenience.

This week’s curated list of news stories includes:

  1. truck

    2017 Fleet Management Trends: Upfitting

    This year, fleets will not be looking to customize their vehicles but rather become more standardized. The goal is to upfit commercial vehicles more efficiently while creating lighter-weight vehicles.

  2. safety

    The Right Safety Technology at the Right Time

    Given the frequency and associated cost of fatal vehicle accidents, fleets are beginning to invest more in safety features. Although these measures add to the initial vehicle expense, they are expected to improve vehicle safety and result in a positive ROI.

  3. rest-area

    Rest area parking: Possible expansion of services for truckers sparks debate

    The Federal Highway Administration published a notice seeking public input on whether states should be able to expand commercial activities at rest areas. This has sparked a debate among various stakeholders.

  4. electric-vehicle

    Why 2017 Is a Good Year For Fleets to Purchase Electric Vehicles

    If you have been pondering whether to purchase elective vehicles for your fleet, apparently this is the year to take the plunge. Why? Technology, price and regulations are all in the optimal spot.

  5. electric-vehicle

    Three States Agree to Collaborate on Autonomous Vehicles

    Transportation agencies in three states—Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania—are forming a coalition to support initiatives related to autonomous vehicles.

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