Fleet Billing Accounts powered
by CB Charge

Receive one consolidated monthly invoice for all your maintenance providers with Outsourced Maintenance Automation

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Improve efficiency for your billing
department and never miss a payment again

Get a single, centralized invoice for all maintenance work performed by your Fleetio Network vendors

Eliminate hours of tedious back office work. Fleetio has partnered with CB Charge to bring you FREE fleet billing accounts as part of our Outsourced Maintenance Automation feature.

  • Pay one monthly, consolidated bill
  • Reconcile monthly transactions effortlessly
  • Stay in good standing with shops
  • No interest, late or maintenance fees
  • Guarantee security on all transactions
  • 30-day payment terms

Fast, easy, free application

Get approved within 48 business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get set up with consolidated billing?

A simple application for a fleet billing account through our partner, CB Charge. You'll get approval within 48 business hours.

What is CB Charge?

CB Charge (owned by Corporate Billing) has been issuing fleet billing accounts for over 20 years. It works similarly to fleet billing accounts you might set up with some national providers but it's provider-agnostic. In addition, there are no late fees, no interest, no transaction fees and flexible payment terms.

How can I pay my monthly invoice?

You are provided an online login to CB Charge where you make your payments.

What are the payment terms?

30 days with no interest and no late fees.

What are the benefits for my billing department?

Instead of sorting through and reconciling hundreds of paper bills, fleet billing accounts save your billing department a ton of time by providing one simple, easy to reconcile monthly bill. All your maintenance vendors are included in this bill (including independent shops), there is no separate bill for each national provider.

How can I reconcile all monthly transactions with my consolidated monthly invoice?

Within Fleetio, you can generate a report of all of your transactions for a specific date range, then match it up to your monthly statement from CB Charge. You can quickly compare the two side-by-side to ensure all transactions match up.