Fleetio Drive

Track drivers and monitor driving behavior using only smartphones.
Discover the future of fleet GPS tracking.

Track using a mobile app

Automatically detect trips and safety events without installing additional hardware.

Improve safety & productivity

Reduce unsafe driving habits like phone usage and locate drivers in real time.

Save on insurance

Unlock insurance savings through our partners by monitoring driver behavior.

Smartphone-based GPS tracking and driver scoring

Track locations and monitor driver behavior like speeding and phone usage using only a mobile app.

Trip Tracking

Record trips, driving behavior, even phone use

  • No hardware to purchase or install
  • Track using a free mobile app on the driver's smartphone
  • Go from app download to tracking your first trip in minutes
  • Mobile app updates to new versions automatically (depends on device settings)

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Real-time Monitoring

Track the routes and real-time locations of your drivers

  • Automatically track every trip your drivers take
  • See where, when and for how long your drivers drive each day
  • View real-time location of active, on-duty drivers

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Driver Safety

Monitor safety on the road

  • Track phone usage, speeding, aggressive acceleration and hard braking as indicators of driving quality
  • Score every trip for safety based on tracked behaviors over the distance and duration of each trip
  • Aggregates scores over time to provide an overall safety score for every driver
  • Use our Distracted Driving Calculator to see how risky behaviors can affect your drivers' reaction times

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Driving Events

See when and where violations occur

  • Flag when and where risky behaviors occur on a map
  • Monitor behavior over time and track change
  • Use driving events to help coach drivers on where they can improve

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Driver Leaderboards

Influence and track behavior change over time

  • Drivers monitor their own habits and performance through a mobile app
  • Behavior-based tips help drivers target areas for improvement
  • Administrators track changes over time to see who is climbing the leaderboards, rewarding most improved

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Driver Scorecards

Score and rank drivers based on their performance

  • See how your drivers stack up to each other with standardized scoring and ranking system
  • Consistenly and fairly enforce your driving policy by putting drivers on the same playing field

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Accelerate your fleet safety program with an intuitive GPS tracking solution

Reduce costly repairs

Fleetio Drive allows you to pinpoint harsh behaviors, avoid accidents and keep unnecessary repairs at a minimum thus saving your fleet valuable operating dollars.

Avoid litigation

Fleetio Drive makes drivers accountable for their actions on the road by making their behavior visible and helping them to improve over time, reducing incidents and costs.

Achieve insurance savings

Fleetio Drive improves drivers' risk profiles and leverages existing relationships to unlock the potential to significantly reduce your insurance rates.

"Fleetio Drive is the scalable GPS tracking solution we needed to monitor and enforce safe driving habits and protect our investment in our specialized vehicles and equipment."

Moyses Barbalat

Computer Systems Administrator

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