Driver Behavior Tracking

Monitor risky driving behavior

Using the sensors in your drivers' smartphones, Fleetio automatically tracks when and where drivers engage in known high-risk activities such as phone usage and speeding. Use our Distracted Driving Calculator to see how risky behaviors can affect your drivers' reaction times.

  • Phone Usage

    Track phone usage while driving and see who's actually complying with your cell phone policy.

  • Speeding

    Monitor habitual and excessive speeding, allowing you to see who the biggest offenders are.

  • Aggressive Acceleration

    Speeding up too quickly can indicate aggressive driving. See which of your drivers are consistently aggressive and putting others in danger.

  • Hard Braking

    Distracted drivers often brake abruptly due to delayed reaction times. Identify them, coach them on a better technique and monitor improvement.

Accelerate safety with a Driver Rewards Program

"Since starting a Fleetio Drive Rewards Program, we've seen active drivers increase by 30% and miles tracked by 50% on a weekly basis."

Chris Mondeau

Technology Coordinator,
McCorvey Sheet Metal Works

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