Compare every driver in your fleet

Rank drivers in a Leaderboard based on their Driver Score, helping you to identify the great drivers and those who need a little extra coaching. Reward top drivers and those who move up the ranks while working with others to improve their behavior and scores over time.

Show drivers where they rank

Leaderboards engage drivers through friendly competition and are a great compliment to a rewards-based safety program. Drivers can view their rank within the Leaderboard from their Fleetio go mobile app, showing them how much they need to improve and who they need to pass to receive a reward.

Accelerate safety with a Driver Rewards Program

"Since starting a Fleetio Drive Rewards Program, we've seen active drivers increase by 30% and miles tracked by 50% on a weekly basis."

Chris Mondeau

Technology Coordinator,
McCorvey Sheet Metal Works

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Fleetio Drive

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Driver Scorecard

Easy-to-understand scorecards based on individual driver safety.

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Trip Tracking App

Automatically track trips from driver smartphones using the Fleetio Go mobile app.

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Driver Rewards

Incentivize driving safety with an automated rewards program.

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