Driver Scorecards

See how each driver in your fleet performs

See a scorecard for every driver in your fleet, showing their trips, scores, and behaviors over time. See their performance at-a-glance and how they rank within the fleet, helping you make a quick assessment of a driver's overall safety.

Drivers proactively monitor performance from anywhere

Fleetio gives drivers insight into the performance 24/7 from the Fleetio Go mobile app. Drivers can view their driver scorecard and 7-day scores anytime, helping them consistently monitor and improve their performance.

Fleetio Drive

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Trip Tracking App

Automatically track trips from driver smartphones using the Fleetio Go mobile app.

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Rank your drivers based on performance over select time periods and monitor improvement over time.

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Filterable, exportable trip and driver status reports make it easy to monitor your entire fleet.

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