Real-time Fleet GPS Tracking

real-time fleet gps tracking
Interactive Live Map

Improve productivity by monitoring your drivers and field workers in real time.

Saved Places

Track driver arrivals and departures at important locations and customer addresses.

Geofence Alerts

Get immediate notifcations when drivers enter or leave certain places.

Live Map

View real-time driver locations

Fleetio Drive lets you see the current location of moving and stopped drivers on a live map, helping you keep tabs on fleet status and productivity.

  • Automatically updates every few seconds
  • Follow moving drivers in real time
  • Full-screen mode for TV displays
  • Quickly find drivers by status, location & more
  • See current trip stats & stopped times
  • Live traffic data
Saved Places

Monitor when drivers enter or leave certain locations

Create geofences with Fleetio Drive and receive instant notifications when drivers arrive or leave a geofenced area, allowing for continuous fleet monitoring.

  • Total visit counts by user, date range & more
  • Elapsed time per visit
  • Custom geofence sizes
  • Arrival & departure notifications
  • Find nearby drivers
  • Group & categorize places

How It Works

Drivers install the app and enable tracking from their smartphone.
Fleetio automatically records real-time location, trip stats and behaviors.
Admins view driver location, routes and trip data in Fleetio.

"Fleetio Drive has revolutionized how we use gps tracking data, increasing productivity in our daily operations and the effectiveness of our drivers, dispatch and service teams."

Chris Mondeau

Technology Coordinator

Fleetio Drive

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